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Scottish & Celtic Midi Tune Collection

Edinburgh Tattoo, bagpipes, marching bands and more… (below)
This is an interesting video of old from the Edinburgh Tattoo. It includes Scottish folk singers, Marching Pipe Bands, and even the Sikh Marching Pipe band which was their first appearance at the world famous Edinburgh Tattoo. We hope you enjoy this new feature to the Clan Gunn web site.

A Look At The Music Of Scotland. Interesting article you might want to read.

A History of the Traditional and Classical Music of Scotland
from Early Times to the Present Day
by John Purser
Published by Mainstream, 1992.
(7 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3UG)
ISBN 1-85158-426-9
311 pages; 225mm x 285 mm, hardback, 25 pounds – More on the book below

Scottish & Celtic Midi tunes for you to download.

“The Boar & The Fox”,
Traditional. Scots.

“Carnlough Bay”
Traditional. Scots Ballad.

“Pibroch of Donald Dhu”,
An entire Piobaireachd. Scots.

Traditional. Scots Folk Song.

“Gala Water (Braw Braw Lads)”,
Traditional Scots.

“The Battle of Harlaw” : Lyrics, Traditional Scots

“Lang Johnny Moir”,
Traditional Scots Ballad.

“Up an’ Waur Them A’ Willie”,
Traditional Scots War Tune.

“The Campbells Are Coming”

Video of Highland Scotland and Edinburgh Tattoo

Also here is an interesting book you might wish to investigate.
Chapters include
The Scottish Idiom
Bulls, Birds and Boars (800BC – AD400)
Briton, Pict and Scot (600-800)
The Bell and the Chant (500-1100)
Cathedral Voices (800-1300)
Ballads, Bards and Makars (1100-1500)
Gaelic bards, bagpipes and harps (1100-1600)
The Golden Age (1490-1550)
Reform (1513-1580)
The two Maries (1540-1590)
At the courts of the last King (1570-1630)
Music of the West (1530-1760)
From Covenanters to Culloden (1630-1750)
From Rome to Home (1660-1720)
The Temple of Apollo (1740-1770)
The Scots Musical Museum (1760-1850)
The Withdrawing room and the concert hall (1820-1920)
Sea, field and music hall (1820-1910)
The classical takes root (1910-1970)
A new accommodation (1950-)
also includes select bibliography; select discography; libraries and archives; glossary of Scottish musical terms; plates in colour and black and white; over 200 musical examples; full index.

An absolutely brilliant work, meticulously researched, magnificent in scope and beautifully presented. A must for anyone interested in learning in depth about one of Europe’s most musical cultures.

A double CD set was also issued, (1) including one track of particular interest to soc.culture.scottish: “Calgacus”, by Edward McGuire (for orchestra + pipes), performed by an unnamed piper and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Can anyone name the piper? George McIlwham, perhaps?
(1) “Scotland’s Music” (Linn Records 1992, LINN CKD 008; Linn Products Ltd, Floors Road, Eaglesham, Glasgow G76 0EP).


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