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Highlands of Scotland

Visit the Scotland Landscape known as the Highlands of Scotland (see below) and you are at the north and west of the highland boundaries which are very mountainous. Typically Gaelic speaking, Highlands Scotland has been the area in which this Scottish distinction is profound for over a hundred years. But of course Scottish English is also spoken here so you will be in the loop and out of sync. The city of Iverness is generally regarded to be the capital of the Highlands.

highlands scotland
Beauty surrounds the Scottish Highlands with ruggedness that is astounding. The population here is not quite as extensive as in other parts of Scotland because of the mountainous regions in this part of Highlands Scotland. As few as 250,000 people live here are spread out across the area. Nevertheless, if you are looking for Scottish Culture then the Highlands is one of the best places to visit. Their communities share a very strong heritage and can be very distinctive when compared to their lowland Scottish countrymen.

Climbing in the Highlands of Scotland

Inverness the largest city in the Scottish Highlands is dotted by many smaller towns and villages as well as a few islands. Folk craft is a natural byproduct in the smaller villages and many a Scottish treasure can be found there. Climate comparisons are quite different between the highlands and lowlands and the highland habitat produces a range of wildlife that has made this region their home.

Don’t be put off by the highlands because of its ruggedness. Much fun can be had there by exploring the many castles, gardens, museums, and journeying around by boat trips and train rides. Touring by car should not be discounted either. The famous Loch Ness Lake is situated in the highlands and the many ancient ancient monuments are a treasure all in themselves. For the adventurous, walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking, skiing and sailing, all provide for a very interesting the Scottish Highlands.

Even though Highlands Scotland might not be the first place on your list for a romantic destination, its splendour and mystic beauty can easily make it into an unbelievable romantic destination many a doting couple will never forget.

A dinner for two can be enjoyed throughout Scotland where you can dine on seafood, virtually every type of meat available as well as many traditional dishes. Don’t let that discourage you as there are many tasty alternatives available too.

Every romantic’s dream is to cuddle in front of a warm fire. Highlands Scotland provide many a majestic countryside place in which to do just that.

Travelling to the Scottish Highlands – a beautiful sight or Scotland landscape – can be an adventure of a lifetime. Plan your next trip there or better still, even that romantic getaway for an experience of a lifetime.

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