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Gunn Clan Septs

For those that know and especially that don’t know, there are various ancestral surnames better known as Clan Septs which have connections by heritage to the Gunn Clan.
View the list of Gunn Clan Septs here.

The Clan is basically a family and the name is derived from the gaelic word clan meaning children. Nowadays, the word clan is used in a different context and leans more towards the word tribe. Nevertheless, in continuance with the Highland tradition the word clan is still beileved to be of one family and that all members of a clan share one bloodline.

A complete list of Clan Septs, Septs and Family Surnames is an exhaustive task. Here is a partial list to get your started. One good source which can give a clue to clan associations is a book on tartans.
Tartan for Me! by Philip D. Smith (Now on the Seventh Edition). This book gives an exhaustive list of tartans that are associated with surnames. By reading this book it may well give you a clue as to what clan your name is associated with. You may well find this book in your local library. We also feature the book in our book shopping mall and although it is marked as back ordered they may still be able to locate a copy for you.

A brief sidetrack: Here is an interesting article on the History of Scottish Tartans. Worth reading especially as there are so many Clan Septs and tartans to choose from.

Click here to view the Clan Gunn Sept database of Clan kindreds, Septs, surnames etc. This is a searchable database and will help speed up the search for clan kindreds of Gunn Septs, surname, country etc. You need an active account to access this information.

And so, back to those ancestral Surnames or Septs that also have a family association with the Gunn Clan. Here is a list , perhaps not complete, but as many as we have been able to obtain so far.


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