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Clan Gunn or Gunn Clan

The Clan Gunn motto

Either Peace or War


Clan Gunn is one of the oldest and most northerly clans in Scotland. The Gunns once held extensive territory in Caithness, NWSutherland and SESutherland. They were a Norse family claiming descent from Olaf the Black and were noted for their ferocious and war-like character; their name comes from the Norse gunnr, meaning war. They were constantly warring with their Keith and Mackay neighbours, or so the story goes!

What versions of the above do you have?

The name Robson provides us with an ancestral connection to the Gunn Clan and all you gunners out there. In honour of a so far unregistered scottish clan genealogy, this humble site is dedicated to any Gunn and Scottish surfers, clan kindreds wherever in the world, searching in the past for their own heritage connection.

Check out the extensive guestbook collection where you will find an abundance of kindreds all tracing their scottish genealogy and ancestry by surname and genetic roots. Could you be one of their lost lost relatives?

Our selection of Clan Septs will also help in your search for clan tartan and clan kilt patterns and types.

Gunn Clan Links

Has a long lost relative signed the Clan Gunn guest book?
Let us know of your own scottish clan genealogy or other clan if it isn’t the Gunn Clan.

The previous editions of the Clan Gunn Guestbook (now archived) contain thousands of entries. If you wish to research them best place to start is at the archives.

Some background information and brief history introducing you to Clan Gunn and Scottish Genealogy.

A list of Septs that have connections by ancestry and heritage to the Scottish Clan – Gunn Clan.

Reference material to investigate your ancestral connection to the Clan Gunn of Scotland.

Video of the Highlands of Scotland and other exciting things to do in this rugged but beautiful part of Scotland.

A look at the Gunn Clan Tartans.

Video from the Edinburgh Tattoo of old which includes bagpipes and marching bands, scottish dancing and more. Also free downloads of Scottish MIDI tunes.

Scottish & Celtic Collection of Midi Tunes. Free to download.

“The Clan Gunn Travellers Journal” and interesting snippits of travel tips and adventures to Scotland.

“Clan Gunn Publications”. Keep sending your input! The more we receive the better this collection of publications will become.

A brief encounter with the pipes. [120k .wav]

The Clan Gunn Salute.

Clan Gunn Society of North America plus other Gunn and Scotland related sites.

View the Clan Gunn Sept database of Clan kindreds, Septs, surnames etc. Not as widely used as the guestbooks now, but this searchable database has a few entries and may help speed up the search for clan kindreds of Gunn Septs, surname, country etc. You need an active account to access the information.

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